Regional Steel Supplies from Global Sources

The only way to satisfy customer needs, is to know them well . With this in mind , Ferrum Services was founded in 2007, as the regional steel suppliers from a global sourcing. Ferrum Services has more than 20 years of steel trading experiences, we know how we need to satisfy our customer. The company is looking for the ultimate answer in supply of quality steel products, logistics and financing. Ferrum Services act as a trading intermediary between producers and purchasers and provide a range of value-adding services.

For producers of steel:

Ferrum Services offers cost-effective marketing, logistical and financial services to secure customers business in overseas markets.

For purchasers of steel:

Ferrum Services offers a reliable and flexible sourcing channel with financial support and high level of marine insurance. The requirements of the steel market and the expectations of customers are growing continually , underlining the need for Ferrum Services to provide competent answers to the challenges of steel trading. We are always there for our partners and only satisfied when our business partners world-wide are coming back to us saying: Ferrum Services stands for what we need !