Hot Rolled Coil / Hot Rolled Sheet

Hot rolled coil is rolled on a hot strip mill from slabs. It can be found on the market in coil or sheet form and is further processed into finished products by the manufacturer. Hot rolled coil is typically 2-20mm thick and from 1000 to 2000 mm wide. Hot Rolled sheets are cut to length from hot rolled coil.

Cold Rolled Coil / Cold Rolled Sheet

Cold rolled steel is manufactured from hot rolled steel, the thickness of which is further reduced on a strip mill without the use of heat. The resulting thinner and flatter material is known as cold rolled steel. Typical thickness is from 0.30 to 3 mm. Typical width is from 1000 to 1830 mm. Cold Rolled sheets are cut to length from cold rolled coil.

Hot Rolled Plate (HRP)

Hot rolled plate is produced by hot rolling a steel slab to form a plate. Typical thickness is between 6 mm to 50 mm and maximum width is 2500 mm.


Coated Sheet

Coating steel sheet improves durability and lengthens product life. It is manufactured to meet specific customer requirements for corrosion resistance, strength and formability and is mainly produced from cold rolled steel. Thickness, width, surface quality and surface finish vary greatly. Examples of coated products are Galvanized, Galvalume, Electrolytic galvanized and pre painted steel. Typical thickness is from 0.30 mm to 1,50 mm. Typical width are from 1000 to 1450 mm. Coated steel can be also cut to length as per clients specification.

Hot dipped galvanized steel coil / sheet

Obtained by passing cold rolled coil through a molten zinc bath, in order to coat the steel with a thin layer of zinc to provide corrosion resistance. Standard surface finishes are regular, minimized or zero spangle, either chromate and oiled or dry. Typical thickness is from 0.3 to 2 mm. Typical width is from 1000 to 1830 mm. Thicker hot dipped galvanized can be produced from direct galvanizing from hot rolled coil. Hot dipped galvanized sheets are cut to length from galvanized coil. We also supply pre slit galvanized steel on coil (perlin coils) as well as narrow coil (decking coil) to clients specification.

Galvalume coated steel coil / sheet

The Galvalume (also known as Aluzinc) coating, applied by the continuous hot-dip process, is an alloy consisting of approximately 55% aluminium and 45% zinc by weight.
Galvalume steel sheet combines the best qualities of aluminium and zinc offering at least two times the corrosion resistance of galvanized. The aluminium-zinc coating provides superior corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity. The smooth, silvery metallic spangle appearance makes it attractive in unpainted applications. It can be supplied with a chromate and oiled finish as well as with an anti fingerprint protection surface. This product is mainly used for the production of corrugated roofing and cladding sheets.

Electrolytic galvanized steel coil / sheet

Electro-Galvanized Steel Sheet/Coil is a product, which has an enhanced corrosion-resistant characteristic through an electrolytic galvanizing process. Unlike Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel, it has less amount of zinc coated but retains corrosion resistance due to its evenness of the coating; and since the coating process does not involve any heat, it preserves the base metals properties of superior formability, paint-ability and weld-ability. This product is mainly used for office furniture, refrigerator parts, oven, electric appliances, air conditioners parts, etc.

Colour coated steel coil / colour coated steel Sheet

Colour coated, or pre-painted, steel, is steel coil to which a paint to the RAL colour chart , powder or film coating has been applied in a continuous process prior to it being cut and shaped. It provides a durable uniform surface finish, and can be an alternative to conventional post-manufacture painting of steel parts. The coil is coated on one or both sides. Rolls apply first a primer and then a topcoat to the moving steel strip. The substrate is usually Galvanized or Galvalume coated coil (for exterior use) and uncoated cold rolled coil (for interior use).